Travel: Bucket List

Hey Guys,

Here we go my first real blog post and what better way to start than with my ultimate passion: Travel!

I want to keep it light and short for now so without further adieu:

So I think that travel is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves and I am not only one of those people who have a bucket list. No. I am one of those people who have two bucket lists! A general list of life goals and a Travel specific list.

I am quite a keen traveller (minus the funds) and hate the idea of revisiting the same place multiple times (except London, I LOVE London.) I think this would stem from the fact that as a child my parents would take me on holidays every year which I loved so much and looking back I cherish the memories from them. But there seems to have been one blip in these memories, the fact that all of my trips for the first 12 or so years of travelling consisted of either Spain, Portugal or the U.K.

It wasn’t until I became a little more stubborn and began to really exploit the fact that i was an only child by convincing my mam (who LOVES traditional sun holidays) to go on shorter city breaks (Which I LOVE!) After this we were lucky enough to travel to places like New York and Rome.

As a way to get to know a little more about me and what I like to do I think what better way than to know the places in the world I most would like to see?

Below I have listed my top five travel bucket list Items:

1. The Olympic Games.


Ok so not a destination per say but the Olympic Games have long since been a feature of this list. Since as long back as i can remember I have watched the games on T.V. and have always just wanted to experience the olympic spirit. Everyone always seems so happy to be participating be it as an athlete, spectator, volunteer or otherwise.

My Plan: No set plans for this at the moment but I am possibly considering #TargetTokyo for Tokyo 2020. If you know me you will know that I Love Tom Daley and this could be the last games that he competes in so its definitely something I will be checking out.


2. Bora Bora.


Ok so not sure if this is one that would be on everyones list but Bora Bora is 100% on or near the top of mine. Its a tiny island (around 11sq miles) in the South Pacific ocean and I’m almost sure is the closest thing to heaven on earth that we may have. This would be a honeymoon destination of choice for me if I’m being honest but i couldn’t see myself travelling there alone.

My Plan: Definitely no plan for this one within the foreseeable. Like I said it seems to be a honeymoon destination and i think i would need to sort out one or two small details (someone to marry and a wedding 😛 ) before I could plan a honeymoon.


3. United Arab Emirates.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is another one that is at the top of the list for me. The Oil rich Emirates house some of the worlds richest and some of its buildings are of the worlds tallest. Not only that but the country exists within the arabian desert so there is unique balance where five minutes from the city you are in the middle of the desert.

My Plan: Again this one is just a pipe dream at the moment. While I would love to see the UAE I would like to give it a couple of years to see if they may relax some of their more restrictive laws that we are so used to at home.


4.  Iceland.


Iceland is a feature of the list that would actually be highly accessible for me. Iceland is one of the closest to my home country (Ireland incase you didn’t know!) The capital city Reykjavik would be of blatant interest to me as one of my greatest pastimes is exploring cities. Iceland features mainly because of my desire to see the Northern Lights (seen in the picture above) from the “glass igloo hotel.”

My Plan: Again this one is not currently planned but I think within the next two years this one is a strong contender for a possible visit. The proximity to home and therefore affordability is a strong pull factor.


5. Budapest, Hungary.


Budapest was not an obvious contender on my list but in recent months it has jumped up to close to the top. A city famous for its spas and thermal baths is definitely something that interests me. Budapest also houses the beautiful parliament buildings of Hungary (left background of above picture) which is just the most picturesque buildings I’ve ever seen.

My Plan: Finally, Concrete plans! I am all booked and will be travelling to Budapest in July to see the Aquatics World Championships! I cannot wait to experience this beautiful city and visit the thermal baths.

Thats all for now, this was just a teaser of the list which is far more extensive.

Hope you enjoyed this post,

Until Next Time,

Stephen 😀


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