My Favs: YouTubers

My taste on YouTube is varied and usually I find myself going on to watch one video I have in my sub box and then three hours later panicking over only getting 5 hours sleep if I fall asleep right now! I am subscribed to loads of channels and have a couple of channels with notifications on – only a couple of my subs are THAT important! Below is a couple of the content creators that I watch ASAP!

*This list is not definitive and ranking is in no specific order*

1. Tom Daley


Obvious choice for me! To anyone who knows me this addition will come as no surprise! Tom Daley uses his YouTube channel for a variety of reasons. Initially he used it as a platform for his coming out but has since evolved to vlogging competitions and trips that he takes. Tom also uses his channel to post life hacks and fitness videos (which I obviously use HaHa!) Definitely one of my favourite channels!

Why not Check his channel out and subscribe to him!

2. Ellen O’Keeffe – Bumps & Roundabouts


Not only a great channel and blog but one of my favourite people ever! Ellen is my first cousin and to be honest the inspiration behind my starting this blog! El’s channel is a parenting/lifestyle/cleaning one because she is super organised and her cleaning videos are mesmerising. Mum to two (one of which is my little godson Aidan) and a blogger/ vlogger to be honest I don’t know how does it all and continues to produce such amazing content. I can’t even find time to schedule a few posts in between naps! Haha. Check It Out!

3. Calum McSwiggan


Calum is such a unique and creative creator that his videos are always a must watch for me! Cal tackles hard-hitting and serious topics and specifically LGBTQ+ issues while also posting zany and hilarious videos. Some of my favourites are the story time type videos where cal talks about things that have happened him previously, Nuns found my gay porn is my personal favourite video but definitely worth a visit to this amazing channel

4. Riyadh K


I love Riyadh! We Irish are known as a hilarious bunch who like our few drinks and bitta craic and thankfully Riyadh K ( like myself) doesn’t dispel those myths! Riyadh is a hugely successful YouTuber currently hosting a BBC3 TV show. On YouTube Riyadh has had a couple of viral videos from pranking the Westboro Baptists to giving his mum access to his Grindr. But aside from the virals the channel itself is pure great content and I really encourage you to check him out!

5. Dan & Jon


OMG #RelationshipGoals! Dan&Jon give TD & DLB a run for their money cuteness wise. The love these two have for each other is palpable in every video and although I only discovered them less than a month ago they have quickly become of my favourite YouTubers! Content includes Weekend and trip vlogs and favourites videos as well as wacky YouTube challenges. 100% a Must Watch!!!

Notable mentions of other channels I LOVE!

The list was too short to mention all of my favourites and this still won’t cover it but here’s five more of my faves!!

  1. Zoella 
  2. Joe Sugg
  3. V-Squared
  4. Two Beeps
  5. Melanie Murphy

Like I said there are so many amazing content creators and I Love so many more than this list of 10 but this is just an idea for some other channels for you guys to check out!

As always thanks for reading!

Until Next Time,

Stephen 😀


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