Travel, without breaking the bank

As I have previously said I love travelling but I derive most of my joy for holidays in planning them. I have been the de-facto planner of family holidays since I was 12 and have found that there are multiple factors that can be applied to a search to make sure that the most enjoyable, relaxing or whatever type of holiday you might be searching for can be achieved without breaking the bank. Below are some of the best tips:

1. Plan Ahead, Way ahead

One of my favourite things to do after I come back from a trip is starting to plan the next one, what I love to do is pick four or five trips from my travel bucket list and give myself a rough estimate old-1130743_960_720of a new timeframe. Allowing at least six months between the previous trip and the next allows an opportunity to research the locations, the things to do the
best hotels etc. Of course it also allows an opportunity for you to build up the funds needed for another trip. An example of planning way ahead is the fact that i have been planning a trip to Orlando for almost 3 years now and the trip is no closer to coming to fruition, as a result I have the trip planned to perfection and know exactly where I want to visit while there, what to see and how long would be needed, I also know the cost p/p almost in my sleep and if given 6 months notice. The more time you allow for planning the cheaper the trip.

2. Last minute greatness

Do you always find yourself running for the plane? If so then booking last minute may be your thing!

Ok so being so planned and organised this is never an option for me – I just can’t do last minute, but I do have family who have found that you can get away for just as cheap. A friend of mine actually has just packed a bag for whatever the weather, turned up to the airport booked the cheapest international flight available and worried about hotels and other arrangements when they landed. They ended up staying in a b&b in croatia which was basically just some woman spare room, the couple in question credit the holiday as the best they’ve ever had and they got a week away for under €250. Nice if you can handle the stress of not knowing.


3. Flexibility & Adaptability

aircraft-1362587_960_720If you want to save money on getting away you need to be flexible. Its that simple. You will need to know where and when you are and are not available to travel. Whether you are using one for two from above or a mixture of both you still need to know where you don’t want to go or when you can’t go. Example when I’m travelling with my parents i know not to look at northern Africa or turkey as once my mom sees a country on the news it becomes a no-go for about five years. So once you know where and when you can’t go then you know what you can accept and save €€€.

4. Visit – Don’t Book.

I reckon Travel agents will probably start to charge a fee for a consultation soon enough because the number one tip I have garnered while planning a holiday is that while booking online is all well and good, sometimes a professional opijapan-218615_960_720nion can just help to kickstart the ideas. Personally when i narrow a trip down to two or three places I present at a travel agency and get some advice on both places, to be honest I just like to get the brochures which they are becoming less willing to hand over, I mean personally I wouldn’t really mind paying €25 for the opinion of a travel agent. When you get the information and the price, nine times out of ten you can go home and get a cheaper price online!

5. Be Realistic.

Ok Honestly,being realistic is the pillar here. Say you set your heart on a destination, you owe it to yourself to know the price points that come attached. The last thing you want to do is travel halfway across the world and then not enjoy it to the max because you didn’t realise how expensive it was.

Snap fliters galore in London!

Lets say you want a weekend away to London but you only want it to cost €500 total. Likelyhood, either its not going to happen or your not going t
enjoy it like you should.

Hotels in central London (tube zone 1) are expensive,  and the most reasonable room rate I can find is €150 a night! Flights from Dublin are around €50-€100 per person and when we were last there  “activities” (we did the making of harry potter and  a musical ) cost almost €200 extra. On top of all of that London is expensive and you have other costs such as travel etc to consider, a more realistic expectation would be €800-€1200 for a weekend to visit the Queen in Buckingham Palace.



Hope you enjoyed the list and I really want to hear if you have any other tips or if you use any of these tips!

As always thank you so much for reading

Stephen 😀


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