If we ever get there.. (Budapest 1/3)

Ahh Budapest,

I believe I had highlighted in an old post that we were heading to Budapest in Hungary on a trip this summer to attend the FINA Aquatics World Championships which were being held there.

I decided to book this because as a diving fan I was keen to attend the world championships, I convinced my long suffering family Budapest was THE place to visit and succeeded (OF COURSE!)

We booked a week which is a little bit longer than I would usually want for a city break but I figured that almost three days would be taken up by the diving so we would be fine.

Does anyone ever find that as soon as you book something people come out of the woodwork with hints, tips and tricks? Well we got everything from “Don’t get taxis you will be ripped off”, to “ooh, you can’t spend money in Budapest” and everything in between.

Our first blip was the currency – Hungary is a member of the EU but not a fully fledged member of the Eurozone yet so they accept Euro but the currency is still Hungarian forints. We tried to order €1500 worth of Forints, which is almost half a million forints! Two days after we ordered this in the bank they rang us, we had only ordered 5000 forints which is about €16! Disaster!! At least we got it sorted..

The second dilemma we faced before even leaving was a major one! As a group of four, three of us are major Game of thrones fans so we were going to be flying out around 18 hours before the SEASON PREMIERE! So it was a toss up between having to be able to see it out there or avoid all social media for the whole week! It was a no brainer in fairness.. SO I packed in my AppleTv and made sure we had a way to watch out there! Now, we were off…. At Last!!!


For the rest of the Budapest trip make sure and subscribe!!


Until Next Time,

Stephen 😛


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