Grand Designs

So the other day while cleaning my bedroom I decided I was sick of the old and wanted a change. I Initially had decided that I only wanted a lick of paint and some wood flooring but then I made a massive mistake and went on Pinterest. Now anyone who has ever been on Pinterest will know that it is the place to escalate simple ideas to elaborate (and expensive) plans.

I personally have found myself on multiple occasions fall into the black hole of Pinterest and this time was no different, the only idea I was really looking for was an open storage solution as I had only ever had one rail of a wardrobe with limited other storage.

And then I found “the picture” and my heart was set, regardless of my budget or anything else I had decided what it was I wanted to do with the room.


While this was the overall idea I did have some adjustments, my TV would go in between both clothes rails and I would put a chest of drawers in the middle also. A grey floor with some deep shade and I would be set.

NOW as anyone who has ever made any renovations will know these things sort of develop a mind of their own and elevate both the design and price point and this is exactly what happened to me.. Upon setting out a shopping list from IKEA I realised that My initial €300 budget would be long gone as my “list was over my budget for the whole room.. OOPS!

Attached below are a couple of pieces and some of the items I have already gotten for the room, will post an update when the room is complete with actual pictures (but bear with me as I may take a while to choose curtains & bedding…

Wallpaper & Paint


I chose this paper as a backdrop to the above image to create sort of a feature wall, I decided to switch the heavy dark curtain for a white sheer curtain so the whole context isn’t so heavy and to give it a lighter feel, coupled with a metallic silver/blue paint and purple surrounds on other walls.



I chose this flooring purely to go with the purple and I really love the colour so I am hoping it looks nice when completed.


For the furniture I wanted to stay true to the original photo design while also ensuring I maximised my storage solutions. I bought two of the “Rigga” clothes rails and a “Malm” chest of three drawers for the “main wall” and the matching “Malm” end table.

I wanted a centrepiece light that really drew attention and i definitely feel the “PS 2014 Pendant” does just that, so far everyone who has seen it has loved it so I am optimistic.


Make sure you subscribe to see the final product!

Thanks for reading guys,

Stephen 😛


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