Bedroom Reveal!

***Ok so this is the post that ALMOST never was because to be honest with something like blogging as a hobby life just gets in the way and it becomes harder and harder to get back into something purely because you don’t prioritize. At one point I just assumed that this blog was dead in the water. BUT today I just woke up and decided that I was going to start blogging again because it’s just something that I really enjoy doing***

Last August I decided while cleaning my bedroom that the old look was a little outdated and decided to paint and get new floors down. However I did get a little carried away in the whole romance of the redesign and the whole thing spiralled out of control to basically a completely new room! After giving almost A MONTH of researching design elements I wanted to incorporate, shopping, redecorating & then shopping some more I have finally a space that I feel truly reflects me and where I can relax & unwind.

In my last post I highlighted the Pinterest picture that I wanted to base the design off and showed the basic colours, furniture etc. that I had settled on.

Although the initial budget of €300 has been overstretched by a ‘little bit’ I am so pleased with what resulted:

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I hope you guys love this as much as I do! I wish I had thought to take before pictures because this is such a transformation that I actually would have loved to compare.

I think I am one of those people who will never be fully satisfied with a room until everything is perfect and I have a couple of refinements left to make like getting a piece for over the bed and getting someone to finish off the bookcase (I don’t trust myself  with a drill!)

Thanks as usual for reading I really hope you love the Room,








We arrived at the airport almost 2 hours before the check in opened and in the middle of the night this makes the airport a boring place, but alas we powered through and caught our flight, finally we were on the way to Hungary!

We landed in Budapest airport around 10:30 and were very surprised by the heat already for so early in the morning, we were promptly told that it was actually cold today! Damn we were in for it..

We didn’t book a traditional hotel and opted for a private apartment instead, that was a little bit of a stroke of genius as we were staying so close to everything and had the added bonus of being away from tourist trap bars etc..

Viktoria Apartment – Ideal for 4 people 

We sort of just milled around for the first day to get our bearings.

Monday morning first thing we headed for the Citadel which is on the top of Gellert hill boasting both jaw dropping views over Budapest and the liberty statue of Hungary which overlooks the city.

Over the next couple of days we visited I believe every possible sight in Budapest, Buda Castle, the synagogue, Heroes square and we had to visit one of Budapest’s thermal baths. The only negative I would have to award Budapest is that it was actually too hot – on one of the days we visited the baths the temperature topped 37 degrees celsius, Way too hot for sightseeing but not a bad negative eh?…


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Budapest really is a beautiful city but I feel after the week we had spent that I would feel much need to return for any sightseeing, perhaps only for a leisurely weekend break.

Until Then,

Stephen 😛

If we ever get there.. (Budapest 1/3)

Ahh Budapest,

I believe I had highlighted in an old post that we were heading to Budapest in Hungary on a trip this summer to attend the FINA Aquatics World Championships which were being held there.

I decided to book this because as a diving fan I was keen to attend the world championships, I convinced my long suffering family Budapest was THE place to visit and succeeded (OF COURSE!)

We booked a week which is a little bit longer than I would usually want for a city break but I figured that almost three days would be taken up by the diving so we would be fine.

Does anyone ever find that as soon as you book something people come out of the woodwork with hints, tips and tricks? Well we got everything from “Don’t get taxis you will be ripped off”, to “ooh, you can’t spend money in Budapest” and everything in between.

Our first blip was the currency – Hungary is a member of the EU but not a fully fledged member of the Eurozone yet so they accept Euro but the currency is still Hungarian forints. We tried to order €1500 worth of Forints, which is almost half a million forints! Two days after we ordered this in the bank they rang us, we had only ordered 5000 forints which is about €16! Disaster!! At least we got it sorted..

The second dilemma we faced before even leaving was a major one! As a group of four, three of us are major Game of thrones fans so we were going to be flying out around 18 hours before the SEASON PREMIERE! So it was a toss up between having to be able to see it out there or avoid all social media for the whole week! It was a no brainer in fairness.. SO I packed in my AppleTv and made sure we had a way to watch out there! Now, we were off…. At Last!!!


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Until Next Time,

Stephen 😛